Church is only part of it….

Dear Friends,

How’s everything going? Me, Well, I can’t complain. The Lord is Good!! For todays’ post, I wanted to share a little message I feel I’m suppose to share. So as you can tell by the title!! It’s about church!! Now, Don’t get me wrong, I love church!! But recently, it’s been revealed to me that CHURCH is ONLY PART of HAVING a RELATIONSHIP with CHRIST!! I use to think “all man, I can’t go to church this week.” or “Man, I need to find a way to get to church.” My thinking was very limited!! I thought going to church was the most important thing in my relationship with Christ. Now, I’m not saying that church isn’t important because it is. God wants us to go there, get empowered, get education, and most importantly to Praise Him because He’s a God who deserve Praise. After all, when praises goes up, blessings come down. Very true! But He also wants us to know that that’s only part of it. He wants us to know Him in our spirits. To be able to worship Him, even when where not in church. There should be some times when you have church in your room!! I know it may sound funny, but seriously!! We should be able to  go into our homes, turn on our worship music or even sometimes even without worship music and praise Him. Not just that, but spend time with Jesus. Just get somewhere quiet, just you and Jesus, and spend sometime together. Isn’t that how you get to know people? Why should it be any different with Him? It’s not. I understand that sometimes, you need that church service to make it through, But God wants you to know that you can make it at all times because He is always with you. Don’t let that message at church be your only resource of making it or getting through something. I’m not telling you to stop going to church. No, go to church it’s good for you. Just don’t let church act as your relationship with Jesus.  I just wanted to share that with you because the LORD just revealed that to me and I thought it may be helpful for some of you out there. I want you all to have a blessed week and remember to love every and anyone you come in contact with.


God is Love,


O, LORD! My Strength!


Many Blessings, Dlashawn


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