<3 (: HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :) <3

Dear friends, 

HAPPPPPPPYYYYY New Year Guys!!! I hope every one and their families have a Happy, Blessed, and Wonderful New Year of 2012!!! Today, I just want to bring a few words of encouragement to start the New Year off the right way. I want to encourage you all to try deepening your relationship with the LORD our God, Jesus Christ this year by reading the Bible more, attending church regularly, fellowshipping with other believes, sharing the Gospel, keeping a journal, spending personal time with God alone, or any other way you can think of. I want to encourage you guys to wish and hope for the best that God can, want, and will do for your through faith in Him. Also this year, try to improve yourself. Work on things you want to change whether it be adding or subtracting something from your life as long as its in Gods will for you. Always seek the Lord first, He will never steer you wrong. He wants the best VERY best for you and those around you. Also, sharpen up not only your relationship with God but family and friends. Make sure you are being the best friend or family member your can be for them and giving them your best whether its a Thank You or by showing  how much you appreciate them through gifts, etc. Make sure as this year starts and through out it, you are excelling at your job, school, or whatever you would like to be better at. GIVE IT YOUR ALL!! If you have a dream this year, that you been wanting and wishing for a long time, I encourage you to GO AFTER IT. Make this the year, with God’s approval, the year your dream come true. So in closing, I want to say Keep God first, Get closer to Him, be the Best You Can Be, and Dare to Dream and Go after it!! Again, wishing yoi and yours a Very Happy, Blessed, and Wonderful  2012. Hope this year be everything you want it to be!! 🙂 Stay Positive and stay Smiling. God HAS IT ALL under CONTROL!! 🙂

God is Love, 

O, LORD! My Strength!

Many Blessings, Dlashawn


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