How’s it looking….?? -_-

Dear Friends, 

How’s everyone new year been going so far? I hope very well and it continues to get better! So for today I want to touch on the subject of waiting on God in your trying situations. This week I have learned so much in my person life and relationship with  God and I want to share what I learned with you guys to help and encourage some of you in your situations. This week it seem just like things weren’t working out and nothing was going in my favor. It seem like just everything was going in the opposite direction. I was WRONG! I’ve had this little problem in the past where I worry at the first sign of disturbance.  No matter how much faith I have or any type of anything such as wisdom of God and what He can and will do seemed to fly out the window. And it’s easy to do that! When things doesn’t seem right or isn’t going the way you want it, it’s easy to get frustrated, down, depressed, and to just forget about your faith. But I want to encourage you to STOP doing that? This week  God’s grace and new things I been learning encouraged me to say to God and myself, “You know what…. it may  not look good. It may not be how I envisioned things for myself BUT you know what? God knows what He’s doing, He does everything for a reason and His plan is best. Besides, I know He’s not going to take me through something, He can’t bring me through!! He is doing this for a reason and it’s going to contribute to who I am going to be in the future. So LORD let Your will be done. ” Amen!! Thank You, Jesus!! Praise Him!! And once I said that and really accepted His way and His Plan, everything just turn around and He worked it out in my favor. I believe God was just trying to teach me to not get so upset at the first sign of trouble and to just really  trust Him because He loves me dearly and won’t ever harm me!! So I just wanted to let you guys or girls know that even when something doesn’t seem like it’s working out, JUST HAVE FAITH. Just remember that every will be okay and leave it in God hands because He has EVERYTHING in His strong, powerful, and mighty hands! Amen! The Bible says “Be still and know that I am God.” And I promise you if you do that, be still knowing that HE is God, everything will work out fine. So I just want to challenge you to do that, if your going through something or even if you’re not, just stop right now and tell God, “You know, I love you and I know that I have no plans, You Are the Only ONE who have plans and I know that they are perfect for me and ordained for me to live out the plans You want me to. I know that You promise me a life of prosperity and I believe and receive that promise. So even if what I want isn’t in Your marvelous Will Jesus, I accept that and please just use me for whatever Your best is because I know You able and willing to give me Your very best. Take it in Your Holy Hands in Jesus Name, Amen!!” Amen!! Amen!! So that’s all I have for you today, hope I helped you out. Remember keep God first,  keeping fighting, and be Safe. 

God is Love!

O, LORD! My Strength!

Many Blessings, Dlashawn


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