Hello Friends,

Hey, I hope everyone has been highly favored and blessed since the last time we spoke. So today I wanted to post my Easter post. Yes, I know Easter was two weeks ago but Thank God I am able to do it today. It’s a long story. Therefore, lets just leave the past in the past. So everyone by now should know what Easter Sunday is even if you don’t celebrate it. So Easter Sunday, also known as Resurrection Sunday, is the day that God raised Jesus from the dead and Jesus appear to His disciples and many others before going to heaven where He is now interceding for us on the right side of God.

Today’s post isn’t going to be long. I just want to really just make a post Thanking God and Jesus and sort of summarize what this day means.

As we all know this day means a lot…. well, everything. Because without God making the decision to give His only begotten Son for us so we could live, there would be no remission of sins. And no remission of sins mean that we could not be forgiven if we sinned against God without Jesus’ sacrifice. We could not even go before God and even attempt to ask for forgiveness. We wouldn’t even have a relationship with God because no one goes to the Father but through Christ himself. Also, needless to say if we could be forgiven after sinning, there is really no chance of making it to heaven.

So Thank You God for choosing to give Your ONLY begotten Son, Jesus Christ, so that  we may live. Thank You for loving us, even while we was sinners, so much to do that for us. Thank You, God for being just Who You ARE! Thank You, for your Mercy, Grace, and Love. Thank You, God so very much for EVERYTHING!! I LOVE YOU, so MUCH!!

Thank You, Jesus for taking on the assignment and loving us, even while we was still sinners, to go through being denied, tortured, and hung on a cross all because You loved and cared about us. Thank You, Jesus because you was innocent, all you wanted to do was teach us about Your Father and love us so we may know the truth and be saved. Thank You for supplying a way for us to be saved and have fellowship with Your Father,The LORD, God. Thank You for not turning back and being so brave, courageous, and being so full of Faith in Your Father and full of LOVE to purchase  EVERYTHING that we now have because of you. Thank You, Jesus for purchasing FREEDOM for Us!! Thank You, for loving us. Thank You,  so very much for EVERYTHING!! I LOVE YOU, DEARLY! In Jesus name! Amen! 

Have you thanked The Father, God, and His Son Jesus for all They have done, continue to, and will  do for us? Have you thought about what Jesus going to the cross meant and mean? Have you thought about all the things Jesus purchased for us  by dying on the cross and God resurrecting Him three days later? If you have not, you should. Just keep in mind that, Jesus did NOT have to do what He did to save us. He did it because of Love. Just think, How much God has to love us to give up His only Son and How much Jesus has to love us to go through everything He went through for us.  There is no better Love in all the world! Thank You God. Thank You, Jesus!! I Love You!!

If you do not have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, I encourage you to invite Him  into your heart now and submit every area of your life over to Him and watch Him come in and take control so you can live your life in victory through Him. The free gift of Salvation is not a gift you can afford to reject. Besides, it’s free and it’s here to benefit you, Why not accept it with faith? I hope you guys got something out of and enjoyed the post today. Keep God first and He will take care of the rest. Stay full of hope, faith, and love. Until next time, God Bless!

God is Love,

O, LORD! My Strength!

Many Blessings, DLaShawn


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