<3 It’s Poetry Time!!!!! :) <3

Dear Friends, 

Good Afternoon?! I hope everyone have been having a wonder June and enjoying the warm weather and getting ready for summer!! I Know I have!! Well todays’ post is going to be a little bit different!! I have decided to add a new segment to the blog!! Yes, you got it!! It’s called: It’s Poetry Time!! So every so often if I come across a good poem and feel like I should share it with you, I will try to post it as a word of encouragement. 

So today’s poem is called, “He’s Working it Out”. NI don’t know who wrote it so at the end I’ll just put “unknown” because I don’t want to plagiarise and copy someones’ work. I came across this poem from my Grandma and I really liked it!! And it really help me out so I felt I should share it.

And just before I start I want to share something I learned that I thought was cool that I never knew before. So the Bible says “We are God’s workmanship.” And in the Greek culture, the work workmanship really means poetry, so if you analyze it… It’s sort or like — We are God’s poetry!! That just made me smile and feel warm inside because I think poetry is absolutely beautiful. I know it’s random but I thought it was cool so… yeah. I knew it was a reason I liked poetry!! Lol!! Well, on to the poem!! : )

“He’s Working It Out”

You’ve been telling God every day about the things you’re going through.

They have your worried and discouraged and feeling badly too.

The burdens are just to heavy for you to bear.

But though you cry out to the Lord, it seems He doesn’t hear.

So you cry a littler louder, for it’s all too much to take.

Hoping God will finally hear you, and help you for His sake.

But just when you’ve convinced yourself God has turned His ear away.

The Lord will begin to speak to you and He will calmly say.

“My child I know you’re hurting, and I see that you’re upset.

But don’t let the things you’re going through cause you to forget.

That I never break a promise, and because I said I would.

I will take things you’re going through and work them for your good.

I know it’s hard to understand, all the things I must take you through.

But you must trust Me and believe I’m working it out for you.

Don’t depend on yourself, for in Me is your strength to cope.

Things in life aren’t always good, and though your trails  they may increase.

I’ll work each situation until a blessing is released.

Not just some but all, not even this or that.

I said all things and meant it, and that’s where the Truth is at.”

God never breaks a promise, and because He said He would.

He’ll take those things you’re going through, and work them for your good. 

Be Encouarge My Friend.


Be Blessed Until Next Time!! I Love You Guys!! God Bless!! 🙂 ❤

God is Love,

O, Lord, My Strength! 

Many Blessings, DLaShawn



4 responses to “<3 It’s Poetry Time!!!!! :) <3

  1. I really need to here that. Thank you so much.

  2. Thank you so much I need to here that. You have no idea what I’m going through.

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