Hello Friends, 

So today’s post is one of those things you love so much… A BOOK REVIEW!! The book I will be reviewing today is The Journey: How to Live By Faith in an Uncertain World by Billy Graham.

When I saw this book in the library, I was immediately drawn to and  interested in reading this book. Something draw me to it. Or maybe it was the title. I was looking to read something that will help me build and strengthen my faith. And I absolutely think that EVERYONE should read this book. It is full of so much wisdom and has help me a lot. Whether you need to build your faith or not, I encourage you to read this book because it’s not only for building faith but a book that will truly help you through life’s journey.

So getting into the book review. The Journey by Billy Graham is broken down until four sections and in each section is about seven or eight chapters of wisdom for  life:

  1.  The Journey Begins-  This section is about Who God is, what is our purpose for being here on earth, being reconciled to God through Christ, and instructions on how to get on the right path.
  2. Strength for the Journey- This section is about how you can defeat satan, it gives wisdom on how to keep going even when you are weak, and how Jesus helps you to conquer life each day.
  3. Challenges along the Way- This section is all about things we go through in life and how to come out of them victoriously with Jesus. Billy Graham talks about things that challenge us in everyday life as well as in seasons of life and teaches us how to overcome them.
  4. Staying the Course- This section is about never giving up, taking one day at a time, and life wisdom in all areas and seasons in life such as marriage and family.

This book has been absolutely amazing. The chapters aren’t extremely long, it’s an easy read, and it is NOT BORING! It’s written from a perspective of someone who has been through the same thing and cares and wants to help. It’s full of so much wisdom! I know I keep saying that but this book surprise me on how much insight it had on life. I guess that’s why it’s called The Journey. I guarantee no matter who you are no matter what point you are on life’s journey, THIS BOOK WILL HELP YOU!! I hope I did this book justice and have not made it sound uninteresting. I urge you to READ this BOOK!! I give it 5 and a half stars. A great read. Until we speak again… Keep God first, Have faith, Don’t give up, and Go GET THIS BOOK!! I’m Excited for You to Read It!! Be Blessed!! God Bless You!! 🙂

God is Love,

O, LORD! My Strength!

Many Blessings, DLaShawn


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