Every blow being thrown at you…?

Dear Friends,

I hope your Sunday is going well! So getting right into todays’ post, I felt like I should talk about surrendering your all to Jesus. I want to speak to everyone, not just non-Christians or just beginning Christians but even those who have been Christians for a while. Because I understand that even though we are Christians we don’t always surrender our all to Jesus even though we might think we have. Or sometimes we just fall away, with or without knowing it,  and we need to dedicate our life again to Him. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you realize it and seek whole heartly to fix it. 

So getting started I want to say that once you surrender your all to Jesus, the devil will try and trip you up any way he could. I don’t want you to be surprised at this. The Bible even says, “don’t be surprise when this happens to you as if something strange is happening to you.” Nothing strange is happening to you; it is just satan. He doesn’t want you to surrender your all to Jesus because he knows once you do that, you are more of an asset to advancing the news of the Kingdom of God and attracting people to Jesus and he doesn’t want that. He wants you to fail in receiving eternal life and fall like he has fell to be eternally seperated from God. Don’t fall for it or be tricked by the devil.

In these days, after you totally surrender to God it will seems as everything has hit you and life is getting unbearable. I want you to know, don’t crumble under the adversity, difficulty, and strain. It’s just the devil wanting you to think that you made the wrong choice, that life would be easier without living for God, that maybe you can’t handle the pressure or pain.  I want you to speak against that voice and those feelings right now, tell them to flee, that you aren’t giving up, and you know you can get through anything with  Christ on your side and nothing demonic can touch you without God letting it touch you and even then it would harm you in any way. 

The Bible says in Hebrews 10:32, “Remember how it was with you in the past. In those days, after God’s light had shone on you, you suffered many things, yet were not defeated by the struggle.” This is proof. Proof that you can make it through the hard times because you have God’s protection on your life. He won’t let you fall. Look that devil in his face and tell him “you aren’t giving up and that he needs to back down because you know you are a child of the Most High God. Yes, life is hard, it’s suppose to be but I know in Christ I’m in more than a conquer!” and then believe it. 

Don’t play the victim. You are a victor in Christ. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. instead rejoice and be proud for the Bible says, “be happy in your sufferings for you bear the name of Christ.” Don’t give up. You are a winner. Keep fighting. Keep going. Keep trusting God to not let you fall because He won’t.

I want to encourage all of you, don’t back down because things get hard. Instead, surrender your all to Jesus and when it seems as every blow is being thrown at you, remember Jesus is with you, He won’t let you down, and that Hebrew 10:32 says you won’t be defeated and you can and will make it. I hope this helped you guys. I want all of you to be blessed. Until we speak again… Keep God first, Help Someone else out, and Love just as Christ still loves. God Bless! Keep Smiling! 🙂 

God is Love,

O, LORD! My Strength!

Many Blessings, DLaShawn


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