Dear Friends, 

I hope you guys are blessed and highly favored! So today is.. your guessed it! BOOK REVIEW Time!! So I haven’t done one in a while but I have read a few more Christian books. But today, I want to do a review on a novel. The book being reviewed today is Farther than I Meant to Go, Longer than I Meant to Stay by Tiffany L.  Warren.

This is the first book I have read from Tiffany L. Warren and I think she is a wonderful author. I absolutely loved this book even though I have some quirks about it. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed this book. So getting right into it, this book isn’t very long. I found it at my local library and read it in about a week. YES!, IT IS a PAGE TURN from start to finish. 

The main character of the book, she goes by Char, is a very successful bank president and devoted Christian. The only thing is she’s over weight, thirty-six, and a virgin. She’s always trusted God to bring her a man but she gets tired of waiting because she’s 36 and never really had a boyfriend. And well let’s be frank, she’s lonely, especially because her best friend is getting married for the second time. And like most people would do, she start to wonder when her husband will be sent by God to her. So when Thomas, a very handsome man I might add, walks into her office and seems to be interested in her, she can’t believe in. Although, she is apprehensive  she jumps at the chance to be with him. 

The book is written between past moments and the present. I can’t say to much with giving to much away. But long story short, Char marries Thomas and not long after that she finds out about his dark and shocking secrets that tears them and her life apart. The book is writing in suspense which really have you sitting on the edge of the chair waiting to know what’s really up with seemingly perfect Thomas. Ignoring all the warning signs God has sent her, Char is soon distraught over the secrets Thomas holds. 

This is a really good book. I feel it warns people just like Char and everyone about heeding the voice of God. I feel like it tells the message of waiting on God no matter what and paying attention to the spirit of discernment as Christians. This book is perfect for people in a position such as Char and a lesson to everyone who is making a decision and is not feeling Jesus’ Peace in your heart.

This book is feel of emotion. It’s really easy to feel the pain Char feels and the desperation of it all. The book turns out really good at the end. She does learn a lot from what she went through with Thomas. This book is another example of not jumping to conclusions and believing in God to turn what is meant for your harm out for your good when you love the LORD. I do wish some parts of the book could of been more realistic as it relate to situations. Also, I wish the book could of ended differently. I feel, although the book had a good conclusion,  to me the book came to an abrupt end. I wish she could of found true love at the end. I feel that would give people like her a little more hope. However, the message of the book was flawless. 

I encourage everyone to read this book. Like I said, it is a great read. I think this book is online for free. Or you can get it at your local library as I did. Remember, it is best to heed the voice and seek the face of the LORD at all times. Especially in very difficult decisions. God wants what is  best for you and if waiting is what is best for you, you just have to wait. But be assured, your waiting will not be in vain if your are believing in the LORD to bring something or someone in your life that is amazing an dit will be better than you ever imagined or expected. Just Keep the faith, keep praying, and Keeping doing what the LORD tells you to do. Until we speak again, Keep God First, Don’t give up, and Stay Prayed Up! Be Blessed! God Bless! Nothing really is As Bad as It Seems & It Won’t Stay that Way if You Are Putting Your Faith in GOD! He Loves You and Wants the Best for You!! SMILE! 🙂

God is LOVE,


Many Blessing, DLaShawn


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