Dear Friends,

I hope your day is going well! Do you feel every time you try to get closer to or focus on God your attention is diverted to other things? Time after time it happens, have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? If you answered yes, todays’ post is about finding out what is stopping you from achieving the relationship you desire with God.

You are not only if you are going through this. I have gone through this also. In the past couple of weeks after I tried to focus more on God and myself, my attention got diverted to other things and wants. However, for the pass week or so, God has revealed to me why; why my attention seem to always take detours to other things and our relationship would stay at the same place. God revealed to me that it was a trick of the devil to always leer my attention from God to things I shouldn’t be focus on so much. 

Now you need to know, if satan can keep you from going further in your relationship with Christ, he can trick you out of all that God wants to do and bring you to in your life. In other words, He want to trick you out of your blessing. Don’t let him! Be assured that god wants the best for you. God wants to take you higher in your relationship with Him. Follow Him & be lifted higher. 

I encourage you today, Don’t be tricked. Find out that thing or things that your mind always seem to turn to when you are seeking God more. Find those things and pray about them. Let God know that you want to chase after Him, ask Him to remove those things that’s stopping you. Ask Him to help you not miss out on the blessings He has in store for you. Every time those thoughts or things come to you, bind the devil and pray to God that He redirect your attention on Him and what you are supposed to be doing. Don’t let the devil have power over you. Don’t allow him to trick you. Believe what God has for you, IT IS for YOU!! Until next time, Keep God First, Love Hard, & Tell the devil NO! Be Blessed! God Blessed! Don’t Give Up on God or Yourself! Remember to SMILE!! 🙂

God is Love,

O, LORD! My Strength!

Many blessings, DLaShawn


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