Hello Friends,

I hope all is well with you. Today I wanted to elaborate on a post I put on twitter a couple of days ago since it’s in my spirit this morning and I feel like I have a word for you. A few days ago, like I said, I post this question on twitter, “Do you have enough Faith to be Blessed?” This question aroused in me at a time when I was sort of going through something and trying to make the right decision. Therefore, I just want to share somewhat of a revelation I feel God has given to me.

Last week, I was walking on campus at school and I was thinking about what I was going to do about a certain situation. I had prayed about it and even though I feel God has given me the answer in more ways than one, I was still at a loss of what the best decision was. I was at a loss because I was letting negative thoughts take away my faith. Yes! I was letting negative thoughts about the situation take away my faith instead of trusting God Almighty and all His Holiness.

So I was walking and something question me, I believe it was the Holy Spirit, in my spirit and asked, “Do you have enough Faith to be Blessed?” I said all of that to say this: Sometimes I feel like God wants to bless us but we are so caught up with doubt or fear that we don’t accept that blessing.  Don’t let that be you! Satan is the Father of lies and all he wants to do is deceive you and trick you out of things God made for, and wants, you to have. Rebuke satan and his false tactics in the Righteous Name of Jesus Christ!

Don’t be afraid of going out what you want because you are scared! If you feel like God is lining up everything in your favor, don’t you dear let a negative thought, a worry, a doubt stop you from walking forward in faith and receiving your blessing. You never know what God wants to bless you with! You keep praying for a clearer sign or for something miraculous to happen before you make a move. But God is looking at you and saying, ‘I already answered your prayer, I already blessed you, I’m just WAITING ON YOU to have ENOUGH FAITH  to GO GET IT’! Don’t just think that God is going to place the blessing in your lap. I mean, sometimes He does, but other times it takes faith to receive that blessing!

I want to encourage you today to not only go after your blessing but to RUN after it. It’s your blessing! God already said it’s okay. Mary Mary said it best, “Go get it, go get it, go get your blessing!” Don’t let satan to continually scrutinize you and place you under his thumb. NO! You are a child of the Most High GOD! This is your Blessing. It belongs to you. Don’t be unhappy or settle for less one more day. God has an abundance for all His children. He is the limitless God! All you have to do is Believe in Him, Completely Trust Him, and Have enough Faith to go after your blessing!  Don’t let satan continue to trap and trick you with lies, fears, or doubts. Those things are not of God and if you continue to let them control you, you may miss out on your blessing. Don’t miss your blessing! Remember, usually, ANYTHING you’re AFRAID to GO AFTER, is MORE than LIKELY WORTH HAVING! If you put in it in the right perceptive –> Go For It FEARLESSLY! So that’s today’s post. Until we meet again, Keep God Friend, Have Faith, and Go after your Blessing! Have a very Blessed Thanksgiving! God Bless!Don’t forget to SMILE!! 🙂

God is Love,

O, LORD! My Strength!

Many Blessings, DLaShawn


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