The JOY of Christmas!!! :) <3


Dear Friends, 

I hope all is well with you! Today’s post is a Christmas edition! Since Christmas is quickly approaching, I thought it would only be right to do a post about the Joy of Christmas.

As time goes on and with every passing Christmas, it seems that the true meaning and real joy of Christmas is changing, or rather shifting a tad bit. Although Christmas has always been packed malls, crowded stores, and long lines, it seems Christmas has turned into just another Holiday or just the Holiday where we get new things. However, Christmas is about So Much More! It’s about Hope, Love, Joy. It’s the time of year to Hope for the seemingly impossible, Love without fearing, and to spill over with Joy!

Julie Ackerman Link wrote this in today’s Our Daily Bread post, “But God had a plan to restore joy. Joy was lost in the Garden when death came, but joy returned through birth- the birth of God’s own Son”. And I agree! Because it’s true! Jesus Christ and the Hope that He brings, everything He did for an undeserving body of people–us, is the REAL JOY of Christmas! Accepting Him as your LORD & Savior, Being in fellowship with God,  Living a Life that Pleases God is the Real Joy of Christmas because God has made all of this available long ago through His only Son for FREE; All we have to do is BELIEVE in the Son,  Jesus!

I want to encourage you guys this Holiday season, accept the Joy that God has given us freely long ago. The Scripture in Luke 2:12 says, ” I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people.” This Joy of the season is to all, accepted it, bask in it, don’t forget it! It’s fine to give and receive because God gave Jesus to us all them years ago! PRAISE GOD!! That’s why Christmas time is also known as the season of Giving! But don’t be so wrapped up in giving and getting that it makes your forget the Real Joy of Christmas and forget to Thank God for all He has done! Enjoy the beautiful Christmas tree, the lights, The Christmas movies, the gingerbread cookies, the mixed holiday nuts, the tangerines, the hot cocoa, the candy canes, the presents, the Christmas Carol Songs,the food, the good cheer in the air, the family & friends your spending it with, the Love, the Joy of Jesus. Enjoy it all! No matter how much you are given or are giving, we all have two priceless thing we can give and receive this Holiday season– LOVE & the Knowledge of the Real Joy of Christmas, JESUS!!

This time of year is Wonderful and Miraculous because Jesus is forever a symbol of Hope for a Better Future! Embrace it, Embrace Him! Let’s Hope for and Enjoy a Beautiful and Bright Future! Until next time, Keep God First, Pray about Everything & for Everyone, and Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas to All!! God Bless!! Remember to Smile!! 😀

God is Love, 

O, LORD! My Strength!

Many Blessings, DLaShawn


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