It’s BOOK REVIEW Time!! :)

Hello Friends,

Good Morning! I hope your 2013 has been going well! Today will be a simple and very short post. Today I will be reviewing the book entitled Hot: A Novel written by Laura L. Smith. 

This is my first time reading a book by Laura L. Smith. However, she is also written the novel Skinny. Therefore, you may be familiar with her writing. Hot: A Novel was aimed more to young adults but the book is still very interesting. She has a very clean and gentle way of writing! Everything is comprehensible– I like it! 

In this novel, high schooler Lindsey, the main character, is torn between living for and obeying God and her boyfriend, the irresistible Hockey jock Noah. Though Noah believes in God and going to just about every youth bible study just as Lindsey does, he has different views on sex. He believes that if two people love each other then it’s okay to have pre-marital sex. However, Lindsey disagrees. She believes that God made sex for the covenant of marriage for a reason.

She really loves Noah, wants to make him happy, and doesn’t want to loose him, but she also wants to obey and please God. Hot: the novel takes us on a roller coaster of emotions as Lindsey tries to ignore what “everyone else seems” to be doing and listen to God’s voice and obey Him. Which direction will Lindsey go? 

I encourage you all to go and get this book. It’s an easy read and definitely a page turner! Once you enter the world of Lindsey and her saga, you won’t want to put it down! If you are going through something similar to Lindsey, torn between staying pure and following the ways of the world, I definitely urge you to get this book. Mrs. Laura L. Smith breaks down why God wants us to wait until marriage like never before. Don’t wait! Don’t Question it! Just go and get the book and get the encouragement you need to live the life God made for you to live. God truly does blesses obedience! Until next time, Keep God first, Pray about all things, and Read this book! Make the decision to live for God! Be Bless!! Remember, SMILE!! 🙂 

God is Love,

O, LORD! My Strength!

Many Blessings, DLaShawn 


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