Avoidance of Harships…?? :/

Dear Friends, 

I hope everyone’s week has been well and now you are enjoying and relaxing on this lovely Sunday! For today’s post, I want to talk a little bit about hardships. Or rather… how sometimes it seems like first nature for us to try and avoid them.  

When the hardships and trails of life come, are you more likely to hide behind the rock and hope it sort of passes you by? Or are you more likey to stand firmly on top of the rock God placed you on and know that the LORD will make everything alright?  I asked this question because every one of us in life, no exceptions, are one of these people. Which one are you?

To be honest, up until now, I’ve been the person who hid behind the rock silently hoping that the winds of the storm will gently pass by.  And I’m not ashamed to admit it because I know I’m not the only person. Most of us in life doesn’t like the trails that come with life. No matter how much we know or don’t know that the trail was brought to us to help us and further strengthen us, we don’t like them! I suppose it’s just human nature. 

I’ll be the first to admit it. I’m guilty of worrying and fearing what’s next to come. Sometimes, when things have been going smoothly and it seems I’m on top, my mind wonders and bring negative thoughts. Things like, “Oh, things are going well, I must be about to go through something”. Or “What if this happen or what if that happens” seem to form in my mind. Although, I know that if I’m trusting in the LORD, He will work out everything for my good and whatever is going to happen is happening to push me forward and make me stronger. Still, I’m guilty of avoidance of hardships and maybe you are too!!

A wise man once said, “There are some things that God can build into your life only through suffering” (Blackaby).  And even Proverbs 20:30 say, “Sometimes it takes a painful experience to make us change our ways”. If we know these things, that trails are just a testing of our faith (1 Peter 1:7), Why do we try to avoid hardships?

My reasoning and insight on the answer which I feel the Spirit has revealed to me is a dis-connect between our faith and trusting God whole-heartily. Because if we are really trusting God whole-heartily, then we will have the faith in Him to know that everything will be okay. However, when there is a dis-connect between our faith and trusting God whole-heartily, that is when fear has a chance to creep up in between that gap and began to wreck havoc on our lives and cause more problems than the problem itself could have ever caused!

This fear, this worrisome feeling, this weariness– It doesn’t have to be! Let me share something with you guys. One day the devil was trying to get to me, keep telling me, “What it this happens, what if this happens, you should be afraid, You don’t what that to happen, right?…”. In the midst of it all, before anxiety had a chance to sliver its way to my mind and heart, The God Almighty equipped me to change my perception! Something from deep within me blurted right back to that devil, “So what! None of that stuff is going to happen to me! And even if it does, so What?! I know God is on my side, Nothing formed against me can prosper, I know with Christ I am more than a conquer and nothing can harm me. And if by chance God brings me to it, I KNOW HE IS MORE THAN ABLE &WILL BRING ME THROUGH I! I know it well work out for my good!!” What happened? God Change my perception! What happened? God allowed me to response with Faith. What happened? I was learning to trust God and His leadership! 

I want to encourage you guys today, don’t avoid hardships, it’s inevitable! I heard a Preacher say, “Almighty God allows the devil to attack you because He’s making you stronger, more Christ-like. And HE KNOW YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IT!!” I want you guys to know that God loves you and He doesn’t want to harm you. That if you will trust Him, depend on Him, and have absolute faith in Him, God wants to give you things and take you places you never dreamed of! Pastor Kerry Shook once said, “It isn’t your problem that’s your problem, it’s the perception of your problem– that’s your real problem.” But I want to let you know today that if you allow Almighty God to change your perception and how you look at hardships, you won’t try to avoid them.  You can go forward on your journey and step into your destiny in this life, if you will allow yourself to have faith and trust God and believe that whatever He brings you to, He will bring you through. And know that everything God allows in your life, it’s brought there to help you become the person God made you to be, to be more Christlike (Blackaby), to help you complete your God-given destiny! Don’t give the devil the chance to cause you to be anxious and fearful. Instead, respond to him in faith, knowing that God is with you and He has “made you secure on a high rock” (Psalm 27:5-6)!

Don’t be afraid! Stand firmly on the Word of God! It is true and Will Never Fail You! Have faith and Trust the Lord God whole-heartily! Until next time, Keep God First, Pray about everything, and Don’t worry! You will make it! Don’t Give up! Have faith! Jesus Loves You, He is Always with You! Remember to SMILE!! Be Blessed!! 🙂

God is Love,

O, LORD! My Strength!

Many Blessings, DLaShawn 


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