Hello Friends,

Good Morning! I hope you all enjoyed your week and are doing will and are highly favored. Today, I just want to help encourage someone today who have been going through a certain situation and feels like God isn’t listening to your prayers! I’m sure we all have times like these which bring me to this post. This morning, I feel like God put a few nuggets of encouragement inside of me to help, not only you, but myself as well.  So, let’s begin!

Psalm 69:1-3; Today’s English Version

1 Save me, O God! The water is up to my neck;

2 I am sinking in deep mud, and there is no solid ground; I am out in deep water, and the waves are about to drown me.

3 I am worn out from calling for help, and my throat is aching. I have strained my eyes, looking for your help.

I am sure we all can relate to these three verses. I am sure there have all been times in our life where we pray and pray for help and there seems to be nothing, no answer or help. We begin to think and question ourselves is God listening? Or we begin to ask ourselves when will this circumstance end and God will come to my rescue?  We are soon threaten with the notion of giving up and letting weariness over take us… but before we do that– lets jump ahead in Psalm 69.

Psalm 69:13

But as for me, I will pray to you, LORD;

answer me, God, at a time you choose.

Answer me because of your great love,

because you keep your promise to save.

The psalmist encourages me when he says, ” I will pray to you, LORD; answer me, God, at a time you choose.” It encourages me because of the psalmist strength. Even though he’s worn out from calling for help, like most of us can relate, he still continues to pray to the LORD. Somewhere deep inside he knows God is listening, and He IS!!  We have to remind ourselves that God is just what this Psalm says; He is of Great Love and He does promises to save. We have to remember that God timing is perfect and He does everything for a reason. Our job is to let go and allow God to answer us, at the time that He chooses!

Deuteronomy 8:2-3; NIV

2 Remember how the Lord your God led you all the way in the wilderness these forty years, to humble and test you in order to know what was in your heart, whether or not you would keep his commands.

3 He humbled you, causing you to hunger and then feeding you with manna, which neither you nor your ancestors had known, to teach you that man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord.

I can attest to the fact that God gives you everything you need just when you need it. It was just this morning, that I was feeling the same feeling that the Psalmist of Psalm 69 was feeling but God spoke to me through His Word. For the first time I used stood these two verses. 

Now, I know that when we go through things, when it feels like no way out, when it feels as if God isn’t listening– He is just testing us, our heart. He wants to promote us but before a promotion comes a test. A test of obedience, a test of humbling, a test to see how much we can handle and how much we will still trust Him even when were down to out last oz. of strength.

And for the first time this morning, thanks to the LORD opening my eyes, I know what, ” man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord” means. This means that everything that comes out of the LORD’s mouth is true and we need to push ourselves to trust Him and His Word. It means that although food is due to stain us physically, nothing matters. If we aren’t getting feed spiritual food, we aren’t any good to anyone even if we are filled physically. By eating God words, taking them in and believing on them, we are getting the food we need to keep going on inside through trails which is something physical food can’t do– no matter how much we might want it to! 

I want to encourage you guys today and attest to you guys that God is always on time. Most importantly, God is faithful. He never lies, He ALWAYS keeps His promises. In times where you feel He isn’t listening, be reassured that He is, He is only testing your heart to promote you, and He will come to your aid when He sees fit. Don’t worry, I don’t think it will be forty years of testing consistently like He tested the people of Israel!  See, compared to them, our test should be a breeze! Although, only God alone knows how long your testing will take. But don’t lose hope. Don’t give up. God is listening and your prayers are already answered! Until next time, Keep God first, Pray about everything, and Know that God is listening & your help is coming. Believe in His Word ALWAYS and Promises! God Bless! Be Blessed! Jesus is ALWAYS with you! & Don’t forget to SMILE! 😀

God is Love,

O, LORD! My Strength!

Many Blessings, DLaShawn


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