It’s BOOK REVIEW Time!! :)

Dear Friends,

As always I hope you are doing well on this Sunday afternoon. Today, it’s time for another Book Review! Today I will be reviewing Love Your Life: Living Happy, Healthy, & Whole by Victoria Osteen.

This is my first time reading a  book by Victoria Osteen. And may I add, this is probably my favorite of all the Christian/ Inspirational books I have read thus far. This book is absolutely PHENOMENAL!! I know I always say I loved the book, and that’s true, but I LOVE this book!!  It has helped me in more ways  than one and I learned a whole lot!

This book is about 221 pages– so it’s about moderate length. It’s a really easy read. It has 11 chapters on how to love your life.

  1. Understanding Your Influence
  2. Living with Confidence
  3. Embracing What’s Important
  4. Keeping the Right Perspective
  5. Making the Most of What You Have
  6. Recovering Lost Opportunities
  7. Overcoming Offenses
  8. Enjoying Rich Relationships
  9. Discovering What Others Need
  10. Being a People Builder
  11. Receiving Love

In each of these chapters Victoria Osteen gives insight to why each one is important and then tells you how to accomplish every one of them in your life  so you can Love Your Life and live a  Happy,  Healthy, & Whole life! She gives good tips that are powerful in your life and really works. This book really made me realize a lot of things in my life and about my life. But it also helped me with overcoming it which is why I really loved this book. It changed my perspective on a number of things. It has really been a blessing that God is using in my life as a tool in helping me to know Him better and get me to my God-given destiny! I thank God for this book!

I thought her book, writing style, and message would be the same as Joel Osteen! But it’s not! Victoria has her own unique writing style. Even though, the format is a lot like Joel Osteen’s. However, Victoria had an originality about her work. She is her own individual in how she bring across what she wants to say and what the Spirit is causing her to say. She has shared so much of her wisdom in this book to help us. And I’m thankful for the chance to read this book!

I want to encourage you all, if you haven’t read this book, go out and get it. Read this book, Enjoy it, and let God manifest His power through it in your life to help you like He has for me! Thank You, Jesus!! I promise this book will be a blessing to you or any one you know. It will help you advance to the next step in life and your relationship with God, as well as others, and to Love Your Life and Lead a Happy, Healthy, & Whole Life! Until Next Time, Keep God First, Pray about Everything, & Read this Book!! God Bless!! Stay Blessed!! SMILE– God Loves You! & Remember because of your faith in Christ, You are acceptable in God’s sight (Romans 5:1-11)!!  🙂 ❤

God is Love,

O, LORD! My Strength!

Many Blessings, DLaShawn


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