Dear Friends,

Good Evening, Lovelies!!  I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday and are highly blessed!! A few moments ago I had an idea to start a new segment on this blog. It will be called Gospel Encouragement Music Spotlight. I will post a video of a song from a gospel artist to spotlight their music but also to encourage you guys out there!! I hope you guys enjoy it!!

This first Gospel Encouragement Music Spotlight is James Fortune & FIYA – Hold On (feat. Monica & Fred Hammond) (MUSIC VIDEO) (You can click on the link or look at the video below!) This song was in my spirit when I sat down to write so I thought maybe God wants to bless someone with it!

As you listen to this song, I want to encourage you guys to hold on and keep going! God is STILL on the Most High Thrown and STILL In Charge!! Don’t let your circumstances get you down! Place your eyes on the sky from with cometh your Help (Psalm 121:1)! God may not be there when you want Him but He’s always on time and He will NEVER let you fall from His Holy, Faithful, and Good Hands!! God the Father Loves You Dearly! Believe it!  Enjoy  the Gospel Encouragement! Until Next time Keep God first, Pray About everything, Laugh Out Loud, and Hold on!! God Bless!! Be Blessed!! Jesus Loves You!! SMILE! 🙂


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